Great, Tough Negotiation Equals $14,000 In Instant Equity!

I found out I was going to become a grandmother, so I sold my home in Florida to move closer to my family and coming grandchild.  I came to Georgia and a friend of mine told me about how Craig READ MORE

Success With 3 Different Real Estate Transactions, What An Agent!

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$10,000 In Savings, A One Year Home Warranty, & No Payment For 34 Days!

My wife and I were paying $890 a month rent on a small apartment and decided it was time to become homeowners.  Craig Summers, with The Paulding & Polk Team, was recommended to us by Steven Driver, who’d bought a READ MORE

I Got 5 Offers In 5 Days, Got $6K More Than My List Price, And SOLD My Home From Another State!

I moved out of state and was trying to get my home sold on my own when an investor recommended Craig Summers with Chapman Hall Realtors Paulding & Polk Team.  The investor put Craig in contact with me.  Craig told READ MORE

Paulding County Homes: FREE Kids Workshop In Hiram: Building a Gingerbread House

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Paulding County Homes: First Time Buyer? 5 Tips You NEED To Know

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Paulding County Homes: Late, It’s a Killer!

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FREE List of 3 Plus Bedroom Paulding County Homes under $150,000 with prices, addresses, and descriptions

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Paulding County Homes: How To Install a Dishwasher

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Paulding County Homes: It’s The Journey

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